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             By Michael S. Craig


Sand spilled through my fingers

Grains down the hourglass

A dimming maelstrom


I watched through sweat-stung eyes

In this poignant obscurity

Standing in his footprints


It revealed itself,

Just moments before

Obsidian tip under my brush


Finely worked facets

Marked its craftsmanship

Bespoke his skill


Its gleaming black surface

Still perfect,

Still sharp, still lethal 


Life is often like that

A chance encounter

Fated crossing of paths


There a thousand years

Resting with infinite patience

For this time, this place


Not cast off like the others

Rather a gift of meeting

His hand to mine


Two men from different worlds

Paleolithic hunter and Neolithic seeker

Reaching out through the millennia


Meeting within this small stone

While all time fades

Into this one, eternal moment


Tales From the Earth
              By Michael S. Craig



He knelt in the soil

Sifting through centuries

Listening for the tales  

That echoed

Through the strata

Stories of those

Who came before


Of their lives and ways

Found here

In this vast library

Of all the worlds memories

Where to travel

Back through time

You need only learn

The language of the earth

For then she’ll reveal

Her greatest mysteries 


Author's Biography Pending


Ugly Goddess 


           By  Ysabelle Cheung


She is the goddess of freaks. The freak of a goddess.

Her wet palms chalky pink, cracked, calloused

By the labours of torture, racism.

Her turgid skin is similar to that of a dark eggplant,

shiny and tinted, highlighted with streaks of blue,

yellow, purple.

Her bluetops twist in an upwards motion

Towards the sky, held by the angry hands of God,

And she is the goddess of low status.

Will she ever bow her head?

Will the black flowers in her hair ever die?

Everyone knows that

A girl that stands up for herself = goddess



Author's Biography: Ysabelle Cheung


Ysabelle Cheung is fifteen years old and lives in London.  Her origin is Chinese, but her nationality is British.  She is currently enrolled in the Godolphin and Latymer school.  She drew inspiration for 'ugly goddess' from racism combined with the torture of bullying many children face today.  Ysabelle is looking forward to a career in journalism orpossibly as a writer.  She is just starting two new novelettes, but feels generally more comfortable with writing poems. She hopes to be recognised one day.




                              By Leonard Wilson

On March ninth of two thousand-four
we saw picture of the past
More than thirteen billion years ago
to be more or less exact
With near infa-red photography
{magnetic waves near visible light}
With multi-object spectrometer
measuring wave lengths
of a strange and distant night
We see how it was...
four to eight hundred million years
from the day it all began
Where the first stars 
in the universe were formed
following the famous bang
We see oddities and chaos
Mighty galaxies collide
Some are shaped like tooth picks
Some like balls of colored light

Others flat and wide
We focused on a tiny spot
Ten thousand galaxies,involved
It would take a million years
to scan the sky and see it all
What Hubble let us glimpse
has long since gone away
We are looking through time's window
Thirteen billion years have passed
But here...
it's just today
Author's Biography: Leonard Wilson
Until three years ago, Leonard Wilson wrote only song lyrics in Sacramento, California, USA.  Now, he enjoys reading and writing various types of
poetry.  His latest passion is writing short stories, for which he is seeking publication.  He currently resides in Central Washington state with his wife and twelve year old son.  According to Leonard: 'I have always loved words.They are a better window to the soul than eyes, in my opinion'. Leonard's work may be read at

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