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New From UKA Press
The Rainbow Maker
Mark Turley

Read it. Imagine it. Fear it.

Mark Turley’s debut novel follows the lives of three very different men as the chilling tale of a terrorist attack on London unfolds.

Action-packed, suspenseful, tense and thought-provoking, the reader is whirled away on a journey through secret laboratories, the deserts of Yemen, the offices of the super-rich and the seedy backstreets of London. It is a journey that will excite and challenge, a journey of unrelenting pace.



New from Virago
By Linda Lee Welch
Author of
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Junko Bayliss is a potter, famous for her exquisite designs. She is also the daughter of Diane and Peter Bayliss, her remote and elegant parents. When Diane and Peter both die, only a few minutes apart, at the age of 75, Junko is left to ponder the question marks that always hovered over her parents' lives, and why there was so little understanding between them and their only daughter. When her aunt hints at a mystery - something that happened to Diane and Peter during the Second World War, maybe in the Philippines, maybe in Japan - Junko decides to return to the place where her parents met, and hunt out their story. It is a journey that will lead her into dark, hidden secrets and an astonishing story of love and betrayal. With her second novel, Linda Lee Welch establishes herself as a writer of immense sensitivity and grace. THE ARTIST OF EIKANDO is a beautiful and redemptive novel.
Linda Lee Welch is American but has lived most of her adult life in England. She is a working musician with her own band, a prize-winning poet, and an Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University.


New from Woodfield Publishing
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John Williams 
A marvellous collection of stories from the 'pool of life' delivered by a great Scouse storyteller.  John’s memories include, of course, the extraordinary period in the 1960s when Liverpool was propelled to worldwide fame by the unprecedented success of its most famous sons, the Beatles, and his recollections of this era are of particular interest. But his writings are far more than just a chronicle of times past, they also reveal a great deal of his own personality and touch upon a wide variety of human experiences to which any reader can relate, and it is this ‘personal touch’ which has made them so popular with his many fans.
This author's poetry and prose
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Words from the author:
"Poems are never finished, they are simply abandoned."

Poetry is a solitary occupation and so I have never been part of any ink crowd.  Poetry is nothing if not a motion picture show, a flowing stream of images carrying ideas in its meandering course.

John Williams

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