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Earth Spinning

Between These Shores International Poetry Competition, which is held twice yearly, welcomes submissions from new, as well as established writers.  We are now accepting submissions for 2004.  One need not enter the competition to be published here.   We also accept submissions for online publication on our International Authors Pages. 
Unlike our Competition, there are no guidelines for submitting to International Authors, with the exception of social stereotypes, discriminatory statements or profanity.  With these exceptions, poems and stories can be on any topic and in any style.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before sending your work to our Competition.

Competition Guidelines:
Between These Shores pairs archaeology with the written word.  We are interested in poetry which captures a moment in time, while expressing the timelessness of the feelings involved.  This competition aims to promote understanding and expression of worldwide human experience and is open to everyone.

***Do you think that you can identify with an Anglo-Saxon maiden or people in an Iron Age Hillfort?  

Can you understand the 'Dreamtime' of Aboriginal people?   

Do the thoughts of a Viking cobbler inspire you?  

Can you empathise with women in Feudal times?  

Do you have the ability to make a connection between time past and time present, in varied cultures?   If so, then this is the competition for you.  Read on....

***Poetry may be about a particular archaeological or historical site from any period, country or culture, including the twentieth century.
***We are also eager to receive submissions of poetry by and about women; her changing roles and her consistancy of feelings during varying periods in history.
  • For examples of both types of poetry see One Came Back: Archaeology & Poetry of Hill 60 at Redmires.
    DO NOT submit poetry containing social stereoptypes, discriminatory statements or profanity. We do not condone this type of expression.  Please don't waste our time or yours.
    Only online submissions will be accepted at this time and should be contained in an email;
  • NO ATTACHMENTS; THESE WILL BE DELETED. Please keep a copy of your work.  Do NOT send your only copy, as it will not be returned.  You may submit two poems, neither of which should exceed fifty lines, with your full name included in the upper right hand corner.  Please include the following in the subject bar: BETWEEN THESE SHORES POETRY SUBMISSION.  Send poetry to
    All poetry must be the original work of the contestant.  There is no fee for submission nor is there payment for online publication of your work.  Previously published poems are acceptable, but must include date and name of former publisher for acknowledgement. 
  • Poetry is judged on accuracy, originality, topicality and the ability to convey symmetry of current and historical feeling.  Online publications at this site are the intention and ownership of the individual authors and do not necessarily express the beliefs of Between These Shores.   All work remains the sole property of the author, but Between These Shores maintains the right to publish accepted poetry on this website.  Poets will be notified by email if their work has been chosen.  All poetry will be posted at this site on or before May, 2005.
    Deadline for submission is
  • April 30th, 2005.

To contact us or send a submission, .
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